Frank Arrotta has had a diverse and successful commercial real estate, advertising and marketing career. Started in real estate with Del Webb Realty & Management in the early 80’s as an Office/Retail specialist before moving on to Tucson Realty & Trust Company where he focused solely on retail leasing and investments. For the past 23 years, in sales management, he has designed and implemented marketing solutions for radio, TV and digital sales teams. Not everyone can effectively demonstrate a track record of true campaign integration between creative, media, marketing and real estate. He knows what’s important to you, the bottom line, reaching goals and positive ROI. That is always top of mind for him and he takes your needs along with your tenants needs very seriously.

With over 35 years in real estate and providing integrated marketing solutions, Frank Arrotta has discovered a particular marketing need in commercial real estate. By combining traditional marketing strategies with his real estate knowledge Frank has developed a tenant retention program that becomes an effective marketing and leasing strategy for perspective tenant’s and to retain current tenants.

While some say that success in real estate is a result of “location, location, location”, getting and keeping quality tenants is more of a struggle than ever before.

Ok, this is where we would now talk and write about our process. What commercial real estate agent doesn’t have a process? They all sound the same, don’t they? We all start with a property needs analysis, define what the tenant mix should be and target that tenant, build a leasing marketing strategy and create the property leasing brochure. It’s what everyone does, right? That said, we actually do have a process. Frank has the years of experience to be able to look “outside” before he takes a look “inside” your real estate strategy in order to show you what you’ve been missing.

It’s about being a better listener, asking smarter questions and then providing a sound integrated marketing and leasing strategy that will make your rental space appealing to the tenants you seek and retain current tenants. The signing of the lease is just the beginning of Frank’s relationship with each and every tenant. It is equally as important to provide and maintain marketing programs & services that will keep tenants happy, profitable and remaining in their current space.

So what does this all mean to you? I will be happy to explain it in person. Pick-up the phone (520) 465-5291, send a quick email or text. What’s the worst that can happen? Contacting me can’t hurt, I’m here to help you move forward.




Frank Arrotta is a licensed commercial real estate agent with Tucson Realty & Trust Company in Tucson, Arizona.